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Dating back to 1400 B.C. a young village man named Jaqueese Demarius Smith was in search for drip. No one knew what he was talking about, but Jaqueese knew what he was in search of. He needed to find two ingredients to create drip. So he went on his journey in search of drip. Days went on and Jaqueese stumbled upon a village with ice. Jaqueese needed this ingredient to create drip. So Jaqueese than secured the bag containing ice and continued on his endeavor. Later that night Jaqueese saw a glow in the sky up ahead. Jaqueese knew he had to go where the glow was coming from. As he made his way through the village he found the glow, it was the missing ingredient he needed. The village people called it fire and insisted on him to combine his two ingredients in order to complete his search for drip. So Jaqueese combined the two and he could not believe his eyes, the ice melted creating drip. It was everything Jaqueese was looking for. Jaqueese found the Hemecula drip and you did too. Now do not disappoint yourself and go get some Hemecula drip. Because lets be honest, There aint nothing more fly than what Hemecula got out. Go support the movement....Here is some love since you read this random story i made ;) Use this discount code at Checkout for 10% off your entire order: STORYTIME10